Proposed anaerobic digester plant

Woodhall Spa residents need to be aware of this.

Fighting MAD (Martin Anaerobic Digester) is a community action group set up to research & analyse, raise awareness and ultimately prevent construction of a huge Anaerobic Digestion plant on the former RAF Metheringham site at Martin Moor.

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The proposed development would entail approximately 140 lorry movements a day carrying chicken and other waste products to and from the site. One of the routes would be straight through the centre of Woodhall Spa.

Communities affected

The main A roads of the A15, A17, A153 and A158 (including Lincoln Bypass) will be critical supply routes, before the lorries enter the B roads around Martin, including the B1188 from Lincoln through Branston, the B1189 from Metheringham to Martin Moor & Billinghay or the B1191 from Martin to Woodhall Spa.
FightingMAD is a Community Action Group and is looking for concerned residents in each of the parishes affected to help us

  • research the impact of the proposal on their local community
  • build awareness of the project in their community
  • provide feedback to FightingMAD on concerns raised
  • liaise with the Parish Council

Please email if this is something you can help with, thanks​

This is currently at the proposal stage which may turn into a planning application

The above image is of Green Create's Wijster plant in the Netherlands. This is similar to the proposed plant at Martin Moor

Published: Thursday, 25th January 2024